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Our Emergency Appeals

Ukrainian refugees are in a critical condition, facing not only threats from the ongoing conflict, but also human trafficking. It is our mission to pave a path for refugees to get to safety.

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With your help, we can Identify, Support and Relocate vulnerable refugees to safe accommodation, rapidly and efficiently.

The 3 Project Apollo Pillars

1. Physical

Project Apollo aid the extraction of refugees from conflict, high-risk areas.

2. Technology

We utlise innovative technology such as applications and AI to support and enable our operations.

3. Education

It is our goal to not only educate refugee children who can no longer attend school safely, but to teach companies and NGOs the invaluable lessons we have learned from our history in conflict zones.

Our Mission

Globally, we extract vulnerable people from high risk environments whist locating missing children, using our innovative technologies. Alongside this, we provide training and education to those that need it most.

Our Response In Ukraine

In the face of the atrocities in Ukraine, we have mobilised in-country capabilities for extracting vulnerable refugees, reuniting families and providing logistical support to relief efforts.

Project Apollo has been established with a clear intention: to extract those who are vulnerable in Ukraine. We are currently leading the way in providing secure journey management into Krakow, Poland, and further when needed.

The need for such extraction is critical. Refugee centres have become a haven for human traffickers, taking advantage of those fleeing conflict in all regions of Ukraine.

Our project is currently self-funded, having already established a trusted network to extract refugees from Ukraine into the safety of Krakow.

Our aim is to support the movement of humanitarian aid into Ukraine via secure transportation and supply routes. This enables Project Apollo to realise the key objective in the Identification, Support and Relocation of those who are vulnerable to safe accommodation in Poland and beyond.

Our Latest News

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