TECHNOLOGY: The second of the three pillars that make up our mission.

By using technology, we can do more with less. Through Apps and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can support our team on the ground by supplying rapid and personalised information.

AI enables us to spot patterns and make effective decisions in areas of sever conflict, making the most of limited resources when delivering our mission.

With your help, we can further invest in our force multiplier: technology.


Project Apollo have created an app called APOLLO to streamline operations of extraction whist also providing key information to users. APOLLO is a app designed to assist vulnerable people in finding resources such as transport, food, up to date information, locate missing persons, safeguarding and much more. Through an encrypted secure network to ensure safety of the users

The App has three separate types-

RIDER: Free to download on Andriod or IOS it is designed for vulnerable people to simply and easily  arrange transport on demand, receive geolocated news, risk alerts and updates. It also provided access to Project Apollo helpline, SOS alarm, Risk alert notifications, Report missing persons and a live risk map.

DRIVER: Again free to download on Android or IOS this all is designed for drivers enabling them to accept transport on demand, Receive geolocated news updates, Access to Project Apollo helpline, SOS alarm, Risk alert notifications, Report missing persons, live risk map, Receive donations for fuel.

COMMAND & CONTROL: Overseeing both apps to ensure safe passage for both Rider and Driver. As well as send and receive live updates to users, news feeds, alerts and messaging. All monitored through the Command and Control with Map overlay.

Managed by Project Apollo staff and volunteers. All drivers and riders will be screened prior to being accepted on the app through ID and/or Device DNA. This is to enable all users are genuine on the app.

APIs to be integrated currently are K-Intel a live stream data collaboration and situational awareness tool,  UN & Interpol missing persons lists.

Education Portal

The Project Apollo Education Portal is designed to support children who are in need of an education because they can no longer attend school. We believe that every child has the right to learn, and this portal will help us to provide access to an education for those who need it most.

It provides a range of resources including online courses, e-books, and other learning materials. We will also be offering guidance and support to parents and guardians to ensure that they are able to make the most of these resources.